Leaving DOL

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Carl – I just learned you were leaving DOL this Friday. I wanted to say thank you so very much for all you have done on behalf of OCIO and the IT Modernization Team to support learning events, All Hands meetings, committee meetings, etc. – you were the glue that helped make these events work seamlessly as a norm. And if there was a hitch you had a quick remedy.

Your expertise and service-oriented way of being have been greatly appreciated and valued by all on our team. Knowing that someone with expertise and knowhow was available to assist in the less visible parts of the work removed a lot of stress.

Your departure is a tremendous loss for DOL and OCIO. I wish you the very very best in your next endeavor and hope your new employer understands the contribution you can make to their work.

Take care, Donna

Technical Support is Customer Service

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This is what I believe in. This email went to our company's CEO after the events in the midwest went so well. I work very hard to assure a great experience every single time I'm called upon to provide service.

Good afternoon. I just wanted to share with you an email from a very important DOL customer regarding Carl’s outstanding efforts. Carl continues to excel in providing our DOL clients with technical expertise along with great customer service. Way to go and thank you Carl!
- Marty

Short notice and large scale

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When the department decided to run a nationwide pilot program, we needed to quickly setup and support training sessions. I worked with Jon, a regional administrator for the midwest on a number of training sessions. I worked with his local staff in Chicago, Kansas City and Cleveland to test their local equipment, check sound and to guarantee we had interactive, effective training sessions for his staff.

The outstanding support provided by Carl Holscher in support of the Departmental roll-out of the Workforce Flexibilities Training happening in multiple locations throughout the country was in a word unparalleled. On very short notice – we had less than a week to prepare for multiple sessions in Cleveland and Kansas City (as well as Chicago later this month) – Carl had my region setup with Large Scale WebEx training for the management sessions in all locations and employee sessions in KC and Chicago. We tied field office locations in multiple states to each host location so our field staff could benefit from receiving the information first hand from the HRC presenters. Through Carl’s assistance we reached numerous additional field offices and hundreds of additional employees and management officials than if we were limited to the face to face training format.
Carl could have not been more responsive to my initial questions, more quickly established all the sessions in order to provide the WebEx link information to employees with several days advance notice, and was equally efficient in answering questions and accommodating the union’s last minute request to alter the start time of one of the KC employee sessions.
The WebEx portions of the trainings in Cleveland and KC could not have been the success they were without Carl’s outstanding customer service and support. Given the significance of these training sessions from a Departmental perspective I wanted to personally pass along my sincerest appreciation to all of you.
Thank you. And thank you again Carl!

Urgent and time sensitive

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I excel under pressure. Even when working under pressure, in this case, I received notification about this event a few hours before it was set to begin for a large remote audience. We ran into some minor sound issues I was able to resolve with the local team on-site and the event went off without a hitch.

I just want to thank you all for providing great support and assistance last week to arrange WebEx for our MSHA Stakeholder meeting. We had an urgent and time sensitive request which the WebEx support team fulfilled right away. Thanks to the team, we were able to work out the glitches and provide support to a mission critical webinar. I truly appreciate everyone’s effort in this regard.
Thank you,


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Thank you so much for all of your help and for being with us ALL day. The Town Hall went extremely well, and we know you played a major role in making that happen.
I’m sure we’ll be working together again very soon.
- Karen

Planning assures excellence

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Everything is a potential point of failure for a live event. When we incorporated live video, pre-recorded video, multiple slide decks and music piped to our local audience many things could have gone wrong.

But it went great because we tested everything the day before. This worked all the remaining issues along with the prior testing I conducted in private to make sure the videos would work and the transitions between elements would be smooth.

Thank you very much for all you did yesterday to help make the “Enough is Known for Action” event go smoothly. We greatly appreciate all you did to get our technology and WebEx running. With multiple powerpoints, a PSA video, and music made things a little complicated, but your willingness to help us make it all work was amazing! Thanks also for the extra time you spent with us on Wednesday for the walk through; it was so helpful to meet to discuss logistics in advance. Participants have given us great feedback already, and we could not have done it without you!
Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future!
-The DYS Team

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge excellence.

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For this event, we needed to coordinate live video feeds from 8 remote locations including our local office. I ran test sessions with each city involved multiple times to make sure we had not missed any technical issue.

The day of the event, we had a flawless execution with live video from all 9 cities as awards were handed out to employees both locally and remotely and they were able to be seen and congratulated by the agency's leadership.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge excellence.

A few weeks ago, I challenged you to turn our dream of an OIG Awards Ceremony that could be enjoyed by all of our employees into reality. Well, on March 4, 2015, not only did you meet the challenge head on, but you did so with outstanding expertise and professionalism. The combined IT technical expertise from both OIG and OASAM made it possible for our organization to conduct the ceremony for the first time as a nationwide, webcam simulcast via WebEx in eight different geographical sites. This allowed all OIG personnel to be interactive and present in ‘real time’ for the broadcast held in the DOL Cesar Chavez Auditorium.

The execution of the feat was so great, our employees are still talking about the great customer support. It was the demonstrated collaborative team effort that resulted in the successful outcome of this event. In my opinion, this is a perfect example of what great results can be produced when the collective talents of highly-skilled professionals are put to the test…they far exceed the expected outcome!
Again, thanks for a job well-done!

Rock Stars

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Thank you for your help with the OCIO All Hands today! You guys are rock stars, and your support and expertise really make the event easier to run. Thanks again.

The only constant is change

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The very nature of event planning is chaos. Especially when working with many stakeholders and organizers. Often times I work with people tasked by other people to plan an event. They hold some of the information but not always the power to make decisions.

I am always flexible and I strive to accommodate all requests, no matter how close to the event to make the event a success and give my customer everything they've asked for.

Just in case you didn’t already know, Carl’s the man! Carl really works hard to accommodate all our requests and is very tolerant of our constant changes and last minute tweak requests. I know you guys are triple booked and running crazy with all the WebEx requests and so I just wanted you to know that we really appreciate Carl and all your WebEx guru services!
Thanks again! Have a great weekend!

Flawless, Repeated Execution

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My first task when I arrived at the Department of Labor was to support 9 months of training for future Senior Executives. It took months of planning and repeated testing but we pulled off a flawless training course over those long months.

I want to thank the OCIO Team, specifically Carl Holscher, Andre Brown and Martin Barrett for their hard work and dedication in helping with the SES Training Program. They each played an important role in making the program a success. There were many technical obstacles and the team worked diligently with the Executive Resources staff to ensure each session during the last nine months was executed flawlessly.
Again, thank you and your team for their support and contributions.
Thank you,

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