Solitude and taking photos are connected in an important way. If you aren’t alone, you can never acquire this way of seeing, this complete immersion in what you see, no longer needing to interpret, just looking. There’s a distinct kind of satisfaction that you get from looking and traveling alone, and it’s connected with this relation of solitude to photography. If you’re not alone you take different photos.

— Wim Wenders

Users don’t hate change

Been thinking about change and communication to the community a lot lately. I’ve been in the middle of a migration that is mostly a required back-end change. However, it involves a mountain of work for the user community for very little benefit to them.

A Chair, a Book, and an Appointment

A comfortable chair and at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time will be needed. [Better yet, schedule a one or two hour block.]

Schedule it. Don’t wish for it. Treat it as if it were a meeting only in this case the meeting may be with Aristotle, Drucker, Tolstoy or some other writer of real substance.

It will be time well-spent.

Source: A Chair, a Book, and an Appointment

How Much for That Pepe? Scenes from the First Rare Digital Art Auction

A strange look passed over his face, as if he were envisioning all the things he could have bought with that money—a new car, a two-month trek climbing Mount Everest, a down payment on a house—but then he cheered and clapped for his victory.

Source: How Much for That Pepe? Scenes from the First Rare Digital Art Auction


The idea of using the blockchain for digital artwork is fascinating. But the quote above I feel best describes the cryptorush for these new currencies. You get caught up, you spend thousands of dollars on this ephemeral thing and at the end of the day, someone’s gotten rich and you’re left with nothing.

Why I keep a Diary

Austin Kleon’s reasons for keeping a diary

Number 2 is the biggest reason I try to keep a diary. I have a horrible memory. I can’t remember when I visited a city, the name of that restaurant I ate at last week or when important things in my life have happened.

The memory problem also contributes to my lack of keeping a diary. Though I do try to jot down things as they happen. I use photos a lot, since the diary app I use can read the time/date stamp from the photo. It helps me remember where and when I was.

I like being able to look back and remember my life. The diary is my way in.